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The True Cost of an Emergency Legionella Response

How to Avoid the Hefty Price Tag of Being Reactive vs. Proactive

Ever estimated how much a reactive emergency response to a Legionella outbreak might cost you? Remediation efforts can be very expensive - upwards of $100,000 for a typical 125-bed long-term care facility - and the extended impacts such as 30-90 day water restrictions, litigation, loss of CMS star ratings and erosion of public trust can have disastrous affects beyond your bottom line. When we are called in for an emergency remediation, we often find that facilities do not have a proper water management plan (WMP) in place, or they have not been following their WMP.  

The best way to avoid the need - and cost - of an emergency response is to be proactive. Build a WMP that follows industry standards and stick to it. Being proactive in building and following a WMP that is regulation-compliant protects the health of people who visit and work in your facility, and provides a significant cost savings when compared to performing emergency remediation.  

Our team of water technology experts works with your team to:

  • Conduct a building assessment compliant with the CDC Water Management Program Toolkit.
  • Establish a custom water management plan for your facility that is AHSRAE 188-compliant, aligns with CDC recommendations and follows local and state health department requirements.
  • Collect data from all activities outlined in the WMP and regularly test results.
  • Facilitate quarterly reviews with your team and collaborate to update the WMP as needed.
  • Conduct Legionella sample collection -
    • Should Legionella present itself in your facility’s water [structure], our team will provide an expert technical team to execute remediation activities and provide case management during water restrictions. We will also communicate with Public Health Officials and provide point-of-use filtration for sinks, showers, ice machines and other water systems.
  • When required, our experts will install and manage secondary disinfection systems, and provide certified operators to satisfy OEPA regulations.

The cost of creating a water management plan for a 125-bed long-term care facility with Solid Blend provides nearly $85,000 in savings over responding to an emergency Legionella outbreak. Our team ensures that your WMP is written to the specifics of your facility, is ANSI/ASHRAE compliant, and follows standards set by the CDC as well as local and state health department requirements. We work with you to routinely review, monitor and update your water management plan based on data so that you are not caught off guard by an emergency. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation.